Won’t the police believe I’m guilty if I hire an attorney?

Perhaps. But let’s be honest, the police didn’t contact you on a whim. They already suspect, if not firmly believe, that you’re guilty.

Don’t fool yourself. Many, many innocent people are in prison. Google the “Innocence Project” for information about some of the people who have been exonerated after spending years or decades in prison.

The best thing you can do to prevent yourself from being a wrongfully convicted statistic is to keep your mouth shut. Don’t speak to anyone. Say nothing at all. You don’t know what the police know or suspect. By making statements that you think are innocent, you might cause the police to believe that you committed the crime. For example, you might establish motive or opportunity without even knowing it.

If you’ve been contacted by the police, contact Josh Blanchard at (616) 773-2945 before making any statements or consenting to any interviews.

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