Assault & Battery Lawyers Grand Rapids MI


Assault & Battery Lawyers Grand Rapids MI

Sexual Assault Lawyer Grand Rapids, MI

At Blanchard Law, we have more than 60 years of combined experience defending a wide range of violent crime charges. This includes the crimes of assault and battery at all levels, from simple assault to assault with a deadly weapon. In Michigan, law enforcement officials take these offenses seriously and are quick to make arrests. If you have been arrested or charged with assault or battery, it is vital that you seek experienced representation from the assault & battery lawyers Grand Rapids MI residents have come to rely on right away.


Assault and battery are two crimes which are often named or charged together despite being two separate offenses. Simple assault is a misdemeanor offense which occurs if someone threatens another person or puts them in fear for their safety or life. The act of battery is actually taking action and harming another person, whether that may be touching them physically or using a weapon. Even if you allegedly attempted to hurt someone and failed, you could still be charged since you allegedly had the intent to do so.

Assault and battery may include any of the following actions:

  • Unwanted sexual advances
  • Punching or kicking
  • Use of a weapon
  • Threats


Our firm works tirelessly to poke holes in the prosecution’s defense in order to seek a reduction of charges or dismissal, if possible. In some cases, it may prove more beneficial to you for the assault & battery lawyers Grand Rapids MI trusts to work on negotiations for lesser penalties. For example, some judges may be willing to agree to an alternative sentence, such as a fine or probation, instead of jail time.


After you have been arrested or charged with assault and battery, it is essential that you speak with a lawyer right away. Law enforcement may pressure you to answer questions or talk about your charges. Remain silent and insist that your attorney is present for all questioning so that we can protect you and ensure your rights are not violated.

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Our Assault & Battery Lawyers in Grand Rapids, MI Answer Your Questions

What Should I Do If the Police Contact Me and Want Me to Make a Statement?

You’ve heard this before on some of your favorite TV shows and movies: you have the right to remain silent. This Miranda law means that the police cannot force you to make a statement, no matter how many times they asked. This advice to remain silent applies to any criminal case, even if you have been arrested and charged already.

You might wonder if a detective contacts you and requests that you make a statement, what should you do? In general, you should contact the best assault and battery lawyers in Grand Rapids, Michigan immediately. Let him or her make a determination about speaking with the detective on your behalf.

Why You Should Decline Making a Statement

One of the substantial misconceptions about the law is that law enforcement is able to ensure a better “deal” if an individual confesses to a crime. That may be the way it appears on TV. But, in the real world, a prosecutor is the only individual who can offer “deals,” including immunity and plea agreements. 

A plea bargain is an agreement made between a defendant and a prosecutor. In the plea bargain, the defendant agrees to plead guilty or nolo contendere, meaning “no contest.” In exchange, the prosecutor agrees to reduce a charge to a less serious offense, drop one or more charges, or recommend a specific sentence to the judge, one that is acceptable to the defense.

As criminal courts become increasingly crowded, prosecutors and judges feel more substantial pressure to move cases quickly through the criminal justice system. Criminal trials can take time—days, weeks, or even months. However, plea offers and immunity can often be arranged in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the outcome of a trial is often unpredictable, whereas a plea agreement gives both the prosecution and defense some control over the result. A result that, hopefully, both can live with.

Even if you feel confident of your innocence, consult the assault and battery lawyers in Grand Rapids, MI from Blanchard Law. The reason to avoid speaking with investigators include:

  1. To avoid sharing unnecessary information that could be detrimental
  2. To avoid unintentionally making a mistake that may be construed as a lie
  3. To avoid giving a truthful response that might provide what is viewed as an incriminating motive or piece of evidence
  4. To avoid instances where only portions of statements and interviews that may be out of context or damaging are presented to the court 

Moreover, it can be harder than you think to repeat the same story twice in precisely the same way, even though it is the absolute truth. Even if only a few minor details change, an experienced prosecutor may capitalize on this and question the credibility of the accused. They might also try to make it look like the accused person intentionally lied.

Lastly, as our assault and battery lawyers in Grand Rapids, MI agree that it is not a good idea to speak with the police voluntarily. If a detective contacts you and wants you to make a statement, you are well-advised to call one of our experienced and knowledgeable assault and battery lawyers in Grand Rapids, MI and get your defense started today.