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Being accused of any type of crime can have serious consequences on a person’s life. When the crime is related to sexual abuse, the ramifications can forever change the accused’s life. Penalties can include prison time and a lifetime requirement of registering as a sexual offender. At Blanchard Law, we understand that a criminal accusation is not the same thing as a conviction — and yet, merely being accused of a sex crime can negatively alter a person’s life long before any ruling has been made.


If you’ve been accused of a sex crime, you’ll want to speak with a sex crime lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI as soon as possible. While many criminal accusations are real and valid, at Blanchard Law, we know that sometimes the victims are the ones falsely accused of a crime.


Sexual Assault

Sexual assault may include molestation, indecent exposure, non-consensual touching, and more. These crimes are very serious and should always be taken seriously. Legitimate victims of these crimes deserve their day in court, and those who are unfairly accused of these crimes deserve a chance to defend themselves.



Rape is defined as any sexual activity that was not consensual. Statutory rape is any sexual activity that involves a child or teenager who is under the legal age of being able to consent. In Grand Rapids, MI, this age is 16; in other states, the age of consent could vary from 16 to 18.


Solicitation and Prostitution

Solicitation and prostitution are illegal in nearly all parts of the United States (with a few exceptions). The laws on this issue are very complex, but in general, anyone who encourages or requests the exchange of a sexual favor for money could be charged with solicitation.  


Child Sexual Abuse

Sex crimes related to underage children may include molestation, indecent exposure, possession or distribution of child pornography, or statutory rape. For individuals who have been accused of sexual assault, building a defense immediately is critical in fighting the charges. It is not uncommon for law enforcement officials to use suggestive methods when questioning a child who they believe is a victim of sexual abuse. Accusations of child sexual abuse are sometimes used as weapons by co-parents in contentious child custody cases as a way to keep the accused parent from having any parental rights.


Why Sex Crime Accusations Are So Complex


In addition to criminal charges, many individuals may face civil lawsuits if they are accused of a sex crime. These actions can be filed whether or not the accused has gone through a criminal trial or not, or even if they were found not guilty. Since the burden of proof is less in a civil case than a criminal case, many plaintiffs are successful in their pursuit of financial damages.


Because many states have lengthened the statute of limitations for certain sexual abuse charges, both criminal and civil, a person can be accused of the crime at almost any time. This can make it incredibly difficult to collect evidence in defense.

If you’ve been charged with a sex crime, contact Blanchard Law today to speak with a sex crime lawyer Grand Rapids, MI residents trust.