Sex Crime Lawyer Grand Rapids, MI

Sex Crime Lawyer Grand Rapids, MISex Crime Lawyer Grand Rapids, MI


If someone has falsely accused you of sexual assault, it does not always take a conviction to ruin your good reputation. What are your first steps after someone has accused you of this crime? You might want to fight back quickly and pronounce that they have the wrong person or that it was not you. However, you should keep in mind that what you say “can and will be used against you.” Because punishments for sexual assault crimes are typically strict and because a conviction of this crime will likely determine the course of your future, you should take it very seriously from the beginning. This can start by reaching out to a sex crime lawyer in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Especially with sexual assault crimes, you do not want to go to court alone defending yourself. Instead, it can help your case tremendously to have an aggressive and caring attorney on your side arguing for your defense. Below, you will find the next steps you should take after someone has accused you of sexual assault.

What Is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is a very broad term that encompasses many different actions. When one person sexually assaults another person, they are sexually touching someone who did not give their consent. This can be either through forms of coercion or through force. Common examples of sexual assault are:

  • Child sexual abuse
  • Rape
  • Attempted rape
  • Groping
  • Unwanted sexual touching

What Rights Do You Have?


You have the right to protect yourself when someone accuses you of a crime like sexual assault. Therefore, you:

  1. Do Not Say a Word. This may seem counterintuitive. You may believe the first thing you should do is speak up and defend yourself. However, even if the police have yet to read you your Miranda rights, you have the right to remain silent. If someone accuses you to your face or if the police show up to take you in for questioning, do not panic, and do not say anything. Explaining your side of the story can make the situation more complicated and may end up hurting you more in the end. Let your sex crime lawyer in Grand Rapids MI talk for you.


  1. Do Take These Accusations Seriously. Under no circumstances are sexual assault accusations a joke. Do research on what someone is accusing you of, learn your rights, and know when your court date is. When you learn of this accusation, begin gathering evidence that can prove your innocence, like witnesses, an alibi, and what happened during the time of the alleged sexual assault.


  1. Do Hire a Grand Rapids MI Sex Crime Lawyer. As soon as you know someone has accused you, you should seek legal help as soon as you can. While no sex crime lawyer can guarantee a win, you will have someone on your side who will defend you in court and know how the legal system operates.


Who Can I Get In Touch With?

If someone has accused you of sexual assault, do not hesitate any longer in finding an attorney who will fight for your rights. Reach out to Blanchard Law today to schedule an initial consultation with a sex crime lawyer Grand Rapids MI clients recommend to ensure your rights are protected.


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