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Domestic Violence Lawyer Greenville, MIAccording to national statistics, a woman is a victim of domestic violence every 15 seconds. In approximately 95 percent of the domestic violence cases that are reported, the man is the offender and the woman is the victim. As is likely clear from these types of harrowing numbers, the law takes domestic violence issues very seriously.

But allegations of domestic violence can have a profound impact on a person’s reputations, job, and many other areas of their life. Unfortunately, there are domestic partners who file false or misleading reports of domestic violence, resulting in a nightmare for the person who has been accused.

Although men are also victims of domestic violence, the reality is that women are usually the ones who are the victims when there is domestic violence in a relationship. However, there are also a high number of cases in Greenville, MI where men are truly innocent of any domestic violence behavior, yet their partner makes a false allegation against them, and they are then left facing serious criminal charges.

Compounding the situation, the very legal tools put in place to protect real victims of domestic violence are used to drive the false allegations. Orders of protections are not difficult for a victim of domestic violence to obtain and not a lot of evidence is required. Often, only the testimony of an alleged victim is enough for the court to issue a temporary order of protection.

This is why there are some women who will use this method if they are divorcing their husband. They file for an order of protection, alleging threats of violence, the court grants the order, and now the husband is ordered to stay away from the wife, their children, and their home. And with the order of protection on record, it can be used against the husband in a custody battle.

What If I Am Accused?

It is critical to protect yourself and fight against any false allegations. Even having an order of protection filed against you can be enough to cause future problems because of the way they show up in background checks. If someone has falsely accused you of domestic violence behaviors, you will want to begin preparing your defense immediately. Collect and preserve all evidence which could prove your innocence, including voice messages, text messages, emails, photos, and videos.

Talk to different people you know that will speak on your behalf. Most importantly, you will want to find a seasoned domestic violence lawyer in Greenville, MI who has extensive experience defending against these charges.

As your case goes through the criminal justice system, you will want to remain calm at all times, even when it may be very difficult to. Always behave in a civil and polite manner in the court or in any legal dealing involving your case. Failure to do so could be used against you and only make your accuser’s case stronger.

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