Criminal Defense Attorney Greenville, MI

Criminal Defense Attorney Greenville, MI

If you’re looking for the criminal defense attorney Greenville, MI relies on, contact the lawyers at Blanchard Law. No one is more respected or fights harder on behalf of those accused of crimes than the attorneys at Blanchard Law.

First Steps to Take if You Are Being Investigated for a Crime:

If you are contacted by law enforcement because you are being investigated as a result of criminal allegations being made against you, you should take the following actions:

  1. Politely tell the police officer who wants to speak to you that you will not speak to them without an attorney present. Do not speak to the officer any further or answer any questions. If the officer persists in wanting to speak to you, the only response you should give is that you do not want to speak to them without an attorney present. You should do this whether you are guilty, innocent, or somewhere in between. Even if you are completely innocent, you have to understand that the officer’s goal in investigating is to prove that you committed the crime as alleged. Your words can and will be twisted to make you look guilty, even when you are innocent.
  2. Don’t talk to anyone about the allegations or your version of events, even friends and family members. You don’t want to turn your friends and family into witnesses that the prosecution will eventually use against you.
  3. Contact a criminal defense attorney right away. There are many steps that a lawyer can take during the investigative phase that may help you to avoid charges being brought, or to begin the process of mitigating the damage from the charges that may be brought by the police and prosecuting attorney.
  4. Begin to prepare for the possibility that a warrant will be issued for your arrest. You will want to make sure that you have funds available to post a bond in the event that you are arrested, and have a good understanding of the process of turning yourself in and what you should do when you are arraigned.

First Steps to Take if You Have Been Charged with a Crime:

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, the following are the first steps that you should take:

  1. Hire an attorney. Your first call should be to an attorney who is experienced and successful at defending criminal charges. You want to hire someone who specializes specifically in defending those accused of crimes. Don’t hire a “general practice” lawyer who does estate planning and family law and dabbles in criminal defense.
  2. Make arrangements through your Greenville, Michigan criminal defense attorney to turn yourself in on the warrant and to post your bond. Your lawyer can guide you through the process and make it as painless as possible.
  3. Don’t talk to the police, family members, friends, or anyone else about what is happening in your case. The only person you should be speaking to about the facts of your case is your lawyer.

Understanding Miranda Rights

If you have never been arrested, you have still likely heard some version of the Miranda warning, which stipulates that you have the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney, and the right to stop questioning without an attorney present. However, have you ever considered what these rights actually mean for you as a U.S. citizen? Below, a criminal defense attorney Greenville, MI residents trust explains your Miranda Warning.

Right to Remain Silent

The right to remain silent seems straightforward; however, there are a few stipulations to this right. While it is true that you do not have to answer any questions posed by arresting officers or detectives, these professionals can speak to you. Also, there is likely no harm in identifying yourself and answering some basic information, as long as you do not implicate yourself.

Beyond talking, the right to remain silent will often be accompanied by something like, “anything you do or say can and will be used against you.” This means that your actions can be just as illicit as your words. Therefore, when arrested, it is likely in your best interest to remain silent, follow orders, and ask for your Greenville, MI criminal defense attorney.

Right to an Attorney

Police will also advise you of your right to have an attorney present. However, it is crucial to understand that there are two ways to obtain legal representation.

  • Hire an attorney -If you have the financial means, you can hire outside counsel. Make sure that the attorney you hire is well-versed in criminal proceedings because they will make sure that you do not say anything that will hurt your case. A criminal defense attorney from Blanchard Law is here to help.

  • Public defender -If you are low-income and cannot afford representation, the courts will provide you with a public defender. These lawyers are very familiar with criminal proceedings and often have relationships that may be beneficial to your case. However, we recommend a Greenville, MI criminal defense attorney that residents have relied on for many years.

Right to Stop Questioning

Pay attention to all of your Miranda rights as they are read to you because one of the last things mentioned is the right to stop questioning. Therefore, if you choose to talk to the police and willingly answer their questions, you can stop the conversation at any moment and request an attorney. Don’t be intimidated by overzealous detectives. If you are uncomfortable at any time, tell them to stop and ask for your lawyer.

Miranda rights are a crucial element of criminal law and defense. Police must read them to you, and it is vital that you understand. If you don’t understand, then say so when asked, that is your right. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to our law firm and ask questions.

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