Drug Crime Lawyers Grand Rapids MI


Drug Crime Lawyer Grand Rapids MI

Drug Crime lawyers Grand Rapids MIIn the state of Michigan, the laws are extremely strict against the use, distribution, and possession of any type of controlled substance. Law enforcement and prosecutors are aggressive in investigating and prosecuting crimes of this nature, regardless of the severity of the alleged offense. If you are facing drug charges, it is important that you speak with the drug crime lawyers Grand Rapids MI trusts right away.

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There are many different types of crimes which can be charged in a drug-related arrest. If you are found with a smaller amount of a controlled or illegal substance, you might be charged with simple possession. When there is a larger amount involved, you could be charged with possession with intent to distribute or sell.

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The penalties for a drug crime conviction are typically based on the amount and type of substance in question. For example, if you possessed a small amount of marijuana without a prescription, you would face lesser penalties than if you were found with several pounds of cocaine. It is vital that you remain silent when you are arrested for any type of drug charge and immediately ask to speak with the drug crime lawyers Grand Rapids MI residents trust who can explain the nature of the charges you are facing.

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