Sexual Assault Lawyer Grand Rapids, MI

Sexual Assault Lawyer Grand Rapids, MIBlanchard Law is a sexual assault lawyer that Grand Rapids, MI can count on to fight against allegations of sexual assault or molestation.

Being under investigation or being charged with a sex crime is one of the most terrifying experiences a person can go through. The penalties for most sex crimes are severe, and much of the time include prison and placement on the public sex offender registry. For allegations involving children under the age of thirteen, a criminal sexual conduct in the first degree charge can carry a mandatory minimum sentence of twenty-five years, and maximum penalties up to life.

False allegations happen.

False allegations of sexual assault or molestation happen with far more frequency than most people expect. Whether the allegation is from an adult or a child, there are many different reason why a person would lie about being the victim of a sexual crime.

When a false allegation happens, it’s important to hire an attorney who can help figure out a way to successfully tell your side of the story. At Blanchard Law, we have extensive experience and training in investigating sexual assault allegations, and work hard to learn about the life of the accuser so that we can explain to a jury why that person might be making this false allegation. We utilize investigators, psychological experts, and scientific experts to assist us in proving the falsity of the allegations.

When an allegation is made, it is important for you to hire an attorney as early in the process as possible in order to try to avoid criminal charges or to avoid a criminal conviction for a sexual crime.

Do not engage in an interview with law enforcement.

If you are under investigation for a crime involving a sexual allegation, you will likely be approached by the police for the purpose of interviewing you regarding the allegations. Under no circumstances should you speak to the police about allegations of sexual assault, whether you are completely innocent or completely guilty.

If law enforcement is approaching you to interrogate you regarding these type of allegations, their goal is not to clear your name. Their goal is to prove that you committed the sexual assault. They will use what you say to confirm small details of the accuser’s statement, and will twist your words to make you sound guilty even when you’re not. If approached by police, the only thing that you should tell them is that you want to speak to an attorney.

Do not take a police polygraph.

In addition to trying to interview you, law enforcement may request that you take a polygraph or lie detector test. You should not agree to take the test. One, polygraphs are not necessarily accurate, and are not admissible in court. Two, the police are not using a polygraph in order to determine your guilt or innocence. They are using it as an interrogation tool. No matter the result, they will tell you that you failed, and attempt to use that as a way to coerce you into a confession.

If you have been accused of sexual assault, contact the sexual assault lawyer Grand Rapids, MI most trusts and respects. Reach out to Blanchard Law at 616-773-2945 today.