Our Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Law Firm Defines Bail Agencies

When you have been arrested, bail will usually be offered to you so that you do not have to wait in jail until your court date. Your Grand Rapids criminal defense law firm can help you with the process of making bail. Your criminal defense attorney will also be able to advise you on the process of bail as well as what their role is during the process.


After your arrest, there will likely be an investigation to see if you are eligible for bail. Depending on the jurisdiction of your arrest, the court system or an independent agency will determine your eligibility. The seriousness of your offense will be considered, however, it will not always make-or-break your chances of being eligible for bail. If you, your family, or your friends are contacted by the agency that is determining your eligibility for bail, be sure to give full cooperation. The agency can give a recommendation for your eligibility and if you do not cooperate, the agency may not recommend your case for bail. If you and those that they have contacted are cooperative and support you, then it is more likely you will be recommended for bail. If you make false statements to the bail agency, they can be used against you during your time in court. If it is found that you lied to the bail agency, you could be facing more time added to your sentence. False statements are illegal and could be considered as obstructing justice.


Your attorney is typically not present when the bail agency conducts the interview with you. While your defense attorney will not be present, they can still provide information to the bail agency to help you secure bail. Your attorney will want to show the bail agency that you have strong ties to your community. They will gather evidence to prove it. The evidence will consist of:

  • Documents such as your pay stubs, property deeds, or real estate paperwork to corroborate their claims
  • Information to reach your family and friends so that they can conduct a thorough investigation

Your defense attorney will take some time to prep you for the interview with the bail agency. You will need to understand the questions that the interviewer is asking you. If you do not, be sure to ask them to repeat the question or elaborate on it for you. You attorney will advise you to answer all interview questions as thoroughly and honestly as you can. The bail agency may ask you about your previous criminal history. Although this could count against you, it is best again, to be honest in your answers.


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