Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Child Pornography Charges

Perhaps the most devastating of all criminal sex charges involves that of possession of child pornography. If you are facing this type of charge, we implore you to contact a Michigan criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Not only are your rights on the line, but your reputation is as well. Your Michigan criminal defense lawyer will also advise you that a conviction under Michigan’s child pornography statute could result in loss of custody or visitation with your own children, which is a consequence not worth risking. If you were recently charged or are under investigation for a child pornography charge, contact the compassionate attorneys of Blanchard Law right away.

Michigan Criminal Defense Law Firm Offers Compassionate Counsel
Regardless of the situation, facing a child pornography charge is an embarrassing, highly sensitive matter. In order to weather the storm, you will need a Michigan criminal defense lawyer able to counsel you, aggressively defend you and handle the media if necessary. Under Michigan law, there are several grey areas within which you may find yourself, and your Michigan criminal defense lawyer can help you avoid prosecution. For instance, it is considered a crime to possess or disseminate any image “appearing to include a child.” Under the definition, a person could be charged with child pornography for possessing a sexual image of an adult over 18 years of age if, in the state’s discretion, an “average individual, applying contemporary community standards, would find the depiction, taken as a whole” to resemble child pornography. This is a vastly ambiguous definition open to widely different interpretations depending upon the background and opinions of a jury. For these reasons, it is vital to contact a Michigan criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Call a Michigan Criminal Defense Law Firm Today
If you are facing a child pornography charge, do not delay. Contact the Michigan criminal defense law firm of Blanchard Law right away. To make an appointment or to arrange for a jailhouse visit with a Michigan criminal defense lawyer, call (616) 773-2945 today.

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