Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Defenses Against Drug Possession Charges

As a prominent Michigan criminal defense law office, we offer aggressive and compassionate defense against drug possession charges. We understand that, oftentimes, serious issues underlie a criminal charge of drug possession, and will work with the prosecution to help you obtain the help you need. As your Michigan criminal defense law office, we will thoroughly investigate the facts and details of your case in light of Michigan’s detailed drug possession statute. This will help us determine if the facts of your case meet the definition of the charge and whether any applicable defenses apply. For help with your recent drug charge, call a Michigan criminal defense law office right away.

Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains Your Options Post-Arrest
As your Michigan criminal defense law office will explain, there are several ways to defensively attack a charge of criminal drug possession. The first inquiry usually surrounds the details of your arrest in light of current standards under federal and Michigan criminal procedure laws. Your Michigan criminal defense law office will explain that you have a constitutional right against an unlawful search or seizure of your person or property. If drugs were seized without a warrant or in violation of a warrant, your Michigan criminal defense law office may be able to combat these charges.

Secondly, your attorney will examine the amount of drugs recovered from you in light of current statutory guidelines. This can become highly pivotal to your case if the amount recovered hovers around a threshold weight used to determine your sentence. For example, if you are alleged to possess less than 50 grams of a controlled substance, your maximum jail term is just four years, whereas 50 grams or greater could result in a jail sentence up to 20 years with a fine not to exceed $250,000.

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