Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Domestic Violence Charges

If your Michigan criminal defense case involves charges of domestic violence, we can help. We can offer you sound solutions to help defeat or lessen your charges and help you avoid the repercussions of a domestic violence charge on your criminal history. As you prepare your Michigan criminal defense case, we encourage you to contact competent and experienced legal representation to protect your rights and your future. What many people who are facing serious domestic violence charges don’t realize is that a conviction under the domestic violence code can leave lasting consequences. As your attorney will explain further, a domestic violence conviction could exclude a person from a high percentage of employment opportunities, housing and a number of other transactions involving a criminal background check. For this reason, it is imperative that you contact an attorney to handle your case instead of attempting to defend yourself.

Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains the Aspects of a Michigan Criminal Defense Case
Your domestic violence Michigan criminal defense case must meet the statutory standards in order to qualify as a true domestic violence case. For instance, the alleged assaultive conduct must involve you and either:

-Your spouse or former spouse;

-Someone with whom you are currently or were formerly in a dating relationship;

-Someone with whom you have a child in common; or

-A resident or former resident of your household.

In many Michigan criminal defense cases, it is unclear whether the altercation actually meets the definition of domestic violence. While true that emotional and psychological abuse are considered part of the domestic violence framework, it is not uncommon for a defendant to face domestic violence charges as a result of a harmless argument or fight. If you believe your domestic violence case falls into this category, a Michigan criminal defense lawyer can help you defeat the charges and protect your reputation.

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