Charges From Peer-To-Peer Networks

There is an important distinction between a charge of child pornography possession and that of child pornography distribution. The former carries a much lower penalty and is much less damaging than a conviction of child pornography distribution. If you are facing either charge, it is best to contact aMichigan child pornography attorney right away for help with your case. As we discuss further below, a conviction of any child pornography or sex crime can impact your ability to obtain employment, find housing or even apply for a loan.


With the dawning of the age of the Internet, pornographic images are readily transferred between computers located across the world, often making it difficult to track and identify the true distributor. Further, the transcontinental nature of the Internet lends itself more readily to an application of federal law as opposed to individual state laws, meaning child pornography investigations are often conducted by officers within the Federal Bureau of Investigation and similar federal law enforcement agencies.

When it comes to sharing images across a peer-to-peer network, the federal government has taken a more passive approach to the definition of “distribution,” which has traditionally required an active, intentional transference of an image or item from one person to another. By contrast, a user with a wide array of available images on a peer-to-peer network may be deemed a distributor merely due to the fact that any user can access the images at any time, regardless of whether the account holder was ever aware that the image was being shared. This interpretation of the law can quickly expose a peer-to-peer network users to extensive criminal culpability. If you are in this situation, we encourage you to contact a Michigan child pornography attorney immediately for help in mounting your defense.


Sex crimes carry extremely hefty penalties, as well as the likelihood of lifelong public humiliation through placement on the sex offender registry. By working with a Michigan child pornography attorney to combat your charges, you are not only protecting your freedom, but your livelihood as well. Sex offenders are generally precluded from a number of everyday benefits including owning a firearm, living in certain areas or voting. Once placed on the sex offender registry, any person with a computer can access the offender’s information, including his address and conviction. In addition, few employers are willing to hire a sex offender, and some offenders are even prohibited from maintaining custody rights to their own children. For these reasons, it is imperative to contact a Michigan child pornography attorney immediately, even if you are just a suspect in an alleged child pornography incident.


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