New Technology for Submitting Applications for Driver’s License Appeal Hearings

Drivers who are aggrieved by a final decision of the Department of State may request a Driver License Appeal hearing. Administrative Law Examiners (Hearing Officers) conduct hearings throughout the state. Following a License Appeal hearing, a petitioner receives a written Order by mail, specifying the reason(s) why a licensing action was upheld, amended, or denied.

The “Driver Appeal Integrated System” (DAIS) is a new system introduced by the Secretary of State which allows for online applications for driver’s license appeal hearings. DAIS is intended to streamline the process by providing easy access and a simpler, more efficient method of application.

The Secretary of State lists the following as advantages of the new system:

• Hearing requests, payments, required documents and transcripts are provided and submitted electronically.

• All hearing notifications, including hearing dates, adjournments, withdrawals and notice of final hearing decisions are sent via email.

• Circuit court petitions and orders regarding license appeal matters can be handled through the new system.

Customers who want to request a hearing have access to the system with their own secure login account, and attorneys, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers have their own login for creating an account. In order to submit an application electronically using DAIS, you must first set up an account by following the online instructions at: (Petitioner) (Attorney for Petitioner, Prosecutor, Law Enforcement)

DAIS provides the option to submit electronically, but requests for hearings may still be mailed to:

Michigan Department of State

Administrative Hearings Section

P.O. Box 30196

Lansing, MI 48909-7696

In announcing the new system, the Department of State expressed that customers should refrain from faxing or mailing the same request that has been electronically submitted through DAIS. An email will be sent to customers confirming that their electronic request was received.

Regardless of which method of submission, all requests must be in writing. In addition to the application form, the submission must include a Substance Abuse Evaluation, at least 3 community support letters with the requisite information, and a 10-panel urinalysis drug screen.

If you are interested in pursuing a driver’s license appeal, call Melissa Freeman at Blanchard Law to discuss your options.

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