Negotiating Bail for White Collar Offenses

Courts treat fraud offenses and various white collar crimes differently than violent crimes, especially when considering bail. When addressing the bail conditions for a defendant charged with fraud, a Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney may find it best to take whatever actions allow the defendant to continue his or her life as normally as possible.

Bail for White Collar Offenses

Judges take many factors into consideration when determining a defendant’s bail amount. For instance, the court will assess the defendant’s criminal history in addition to the following elements.

  • The type of crime allegedly committed;
  • Whether the defendant poses a potential danger to the community, victims or witnesses; and
  • The defendant’s position within the community.

Because white collar cases do not typically encompass violent acts or victims, a Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer might seek to convince the court to release the defendant on his or her own recognizance throughout the trial.

Released on Own Recognizance and Other Bail Possibilities

Those charged with fraud and various white collar crimes may be able to be released on their own recognizance, meaning that they promise to appear in court for necessary proceedings in exchange for not incurring bail or a bond.

Depending on the situation, however, a defense lawyer might push for a judge to grant the defendant bail. For instance, when faced with the possibility of home detention, which can seriously impair a defendant’s ability to continue a normal life and fulfill gainful employment, a criminal defense lawyer will probably recommend bail instead.

How a Defense Lawyer Might Approach Bail Negotiations

A practiced criminal defense attorney may allow the prosecution to present its argument for the defendant’s bail conditions before making a bail recommendation in court. Sometimes, this can enable the accused to be released on less severe bail conditions.

The Right Attorney for the Situation

Choosing a lawyer practiced at bail negotiations might just get your case off on the right foot. If you’ve been charged with a crime like fraud and need legal guidance, call (616) 773-2945 to contact a qualified Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney from the office of Blanchard Law.

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