Montcalm County Drunk Driving Defense

If you’re charged with drunk driving in Montcalm County, you’re either appearing in the 64B District Court or the 8th Circuit Court. The 64B District Court handles misdemeanor offenses (First or Second Offense Operating While Intoxicated). The 8th Circuit Court handles felony offenses (Third Offense Operating While Intoxicated, Operating While Intoxicated Causing Injury and OWI Causing Death).

Blanchard Law is the only law firm in Montcalm County that focuses on criminal defense. Most firms around are “general practice” firms, meaning they handle everything from deeds to criminal defense and family law. Our lawyers focus on criminal defense. We have studied the law and procedure relevant to your case. We understand the science behind Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. In fact, one of our lawyers has taken the same NHTSA SFST course that the police take.

When we defend OWI cases, we start by gathering as much evidence as possible. This may include the in-car video, Datamaster DMT maintenance records, dispatch radio recordings, police reports, and police records. After we gather the evidence, we look for pretrial motions that we can file to get the case dismissed.

We have tried many drunk driving jury trials in Montcalm County. We understand the local policies and procedures.

If you have been arrested by a Montcalm County Deputy Sheriff, Grand Rapids Police Department Officer, or Michigan State Police Trooper for Operating While Intoxicated, call the lawyers at
Blanchard Law to discuss your case.

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