Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney Offering Compassionate Defense of Child Abuse Charges

If you are facing a recent child abuse charge, you may be feeling overwhelmed or embarrassed about speaking with aMichigan criminal defense attorney. However, our firm offers non-judgmental, compassionate representation at a time when you need it most. Whether you are facing a domestic violence charge against your own child, child endangerment or any other assault-related indictment, a Michigan criminal defense attorney is the first person you should call to help prepare your defense and combat the prosecution’s advances. Remember, you should never speak to the police or a prosecutor without a Michigan criminal defense attorney present as these people often take innocent statements out of context in order to negatively portray you to a jury.

Michigan Criminal Defense Law Firm Can Help you Overcome Your Charges

Your Michigan criminal defense attorney will explain that the Michigan statute defines child abuse several different ways depending upon the facts of the situation. Each definition carries its own maximum penalty as well. Under current laws:

  • First degree child abuse is defined as the intentional act of inflicting serious physical or mental harm to a child. This crime carries a maximum penalty of life in prison;
  • Second degree child abuse involves an omission, or failure to act, cruelty or serious disregard to the likelihood that serious mental or physical harm will result. Second degree abuse is punishable by between 10-20 years in prison depending on whether you have committed a similar act in the past;
  • Third degree child abuse involves an intentional or reckless act that causes physical, but not severe, harm to the child. Third degree child abuse carries a maximum two-year penalty; and
  • Fourth degree child abuse is a misdemeanor and applicable if the person fails to act or acts recklessly resulting in harm to a child.

As your defense attorney will explain, the legislature has clearly defined child abuse in terms of whether the act caused “severe” physical injury or, in the alternative, mere harm. Your Michigan criminal defense attorney will advise you that you could face a conviction under the first or second degree statute if the act caused brain damage, a skull or bone fracture, subdural hemorrhage or hematoma, dislocation, sprain, internal injury, poisoning, burn or scald or severe cut.

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