Get a Real Criminal Defense Lawyer on Your Team

I am a criminal defense attorney. That’s what I do. So I realize that it is somewhat self-serving to talk about why you need a criminal defense attorney to represent you when you are charged with a crime.

I’m going to talk about it anyway, though, because I have heard from so many people who haven’t been well represented by an attorney who just really isn’t a criminal defense lawyer. We are frequently called and retained in cases where people have hired attorneys who don’t focus their practice in criminal defense when it becomes apparent that the attorney simply took their money thinking they were going to plead the client out.

I have also had several other attorneys talk to me about wanting to “dabble” in criminal defense, thinking that it is quick and easy money when they can just walk their clients in for a plea. They had no intention of actually learning about the issues that they need to be familiar with, or actually fighting for their clients.

When you have been charged with a crime, you want somebody on your side who knows how to get the job done. When you call someone who says they “do” criminal defense, but they also “do” family law and estate planning, and business law, you’re getting someone who doesn’t really have any sort of specialty. That also probably means that there is nothing that they are exceptionally good at doing. The best attorneys I know stick to what they are exceptional at doing.

The other thing you should know about “real” criminal defense attorneys is that we are crazy. We are a rare breed, for certain. As a group, we are anti-establishment, anti-authority, and we are willing to rush into battle for our clients with the enthusiasm of Braveheart. We are sarcastic and smart, and most of all, we have a drive to beat the government at their own game. We don’t “dabble” in anything, and we pretty much live and breathe our jobs 24/7. This generally makes us completely dysfunctional in our own personal lives, but we are great people to have around when you need someone on your side.

“Real” criminal defense attorneys also don’t try to lie to you about what gets the best deal. The attorneys who tell you that they are going to get you the best result because they “know” the prosecutor or are friends with the judge are full of shit. They are the attorneys that will sell you out in a second, because they are friends with the prosecutor or the judge. Guess what? The lawyers who will fight for their clients are HATED by the prosecutors and judges. When I walk into the courtroom, I relish the groans and the daggers that are shot at me from the eyes of the prosecutors and judges. Nobody is happy to see me when I walk into a room. Because I FIGHT. And that is how I know I am doing a good job.

If you are charged with a crime, do yourself a favor, and hire a real criminal defense attorney. Hire someone who does only the thing that you need them to do, and does it exceptionally well.

The attorneys at Blanchard Law focus their practice on the defense of those accused of a crime. For a consultation, contact a real Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney at (616) 773-2945.

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