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Domestic Crimes Attorney‎ Grand Rapids, MIBeing accused of a domestic crime calls for a Grand Rapids, MI attorney. Facing charges can be terrifying, especially when the other person has fibbed, exaggerated, or made up the story entirely. Unfortunately, when someone calls 911 and accuses another of domestic violence, the police show up and put that person in handcuffs without question. This means that the accused is vulnerable to facing severe repercussions that they don’t deserve to endure. Contacting Blanchard Law may be the most appropriate next step to receiving the representation that you deserve.

While some people may be tempted to just accept defeat because they think they won’t be believed, it is important to your future that you do what you can to build a strong defense. And that begins by hiring a Grand Rapids, MI domestic crimes attorney who understands family law and criminal defense. 

Is it possible to win a domestic violence case?

Yes, there is a chance that you could be dismissed of the domestic violence charges against you. But, that is unlikely to happen unless you have an experienced domestic crimes attorney from Grand Rapids, Michigan by your side. After talking with a lawyer about your options, he or she may suggest that you: 

  • File a motion to dismiss the case. This motion is a legal and formal request for the judge to take action based upon law. The motion may request that the accusation is dismissed, evidence that was obtained illegally is suppressed, or other motions that keeps the prosecution in line so the accused’s rights aren’t violated as the proceeding continues. 
  • Create a character packet in your defense. Your Grand Rapids, MI domestic crimes attorney may suggest creating a packet that highlights your good character, consistent employment, lack of criminal record, and other facts about you that contradict the victim’s claims about what kind of person you are.
  • Gather evidence about the supposed victim. If your ex partner has been violent or abusive in the past, this information can help in your defense. Perhaps you were only defending yourself when the incident occurred, to protect your well being and/or children.

Is domestic violence only about altercations between romantic partners?

Our Grand Rapids, MI domestic crimes attorney will tell you that depending upon the state you live in there is likely to be other situations that would constitute as domestic violence. Domestic violence often entails altercations between romantic partners, but isn’t limited to only that type of scenario. Crimes against children and elders or dependent adults may be categorized under domestic violence. 

Is it domestic violence if I am no longer romantically involved with that person?

Let’s say that you parted ways from a romantic interest, and then later on he or she was violent towards you. It may be categorized as a domestic violence case that requires a Grand Rapids, MI domestic crimes attorney. Sadly, there are instances where an ex who is upset about being broken up with makes claims about domestic violence as a way to remain in that person’s life or to seek revenge.

What are defenses for a domestic violence accusation?

Based on the elements of the supposed crime, your Grand Rapids, MI domestic crimes attorney may suggest a defense that entails an alibi, that the incident was an accident, the other person consented to the behavior, it was self-defense, or that there is a lack of evidence to convict you. 

Facing charges of domestic violence can be incredibly nerve-wracking, which is why you may want to seek legal guidance from Blanchard Law. Our domestic violence lawyer serving Grand Rapids, MI is prepared to help you take action today.