Criminal Lawyer Grand Rapids, MICriminal Lawyers Grand Rapids, Michigan

For many people, the only time you may interact with the court system is when you’ve been called for jury duty. Individuals facing criminal charges may be facing a daunting road ahead, especially if this is your first interaction with the courts, as a criminal lawyer Grand Rapids, MI trusts can attest.

The team at Blanchard Law has been helping our community for many years. We stand ready to help protect your rights next.

Our Experience

Blanchard Law has successfully defended many clients in Grand Rapids, MI.

We have represented defendants facing charges such as:

  • DUI
  • Drug charges
  • Sex crimes
  • Juvenile charges
  • Theft and fraud
  • Hit and run
  • Murder and manslaughter
  • Child abuse
  • Assault and battery

Each criminal case poses its own challenges, and no two are alike. Our team is skilled at recognizing the laws and arguments that will work in your favor. This may include identifying the factors that could mitigate or remove the charges against you.

Our team will gather witness statements and evidence, consider plea bargain options, and offer sentencing alternatives should your case go to trial. We’re here to make you aware of your rights and to protect those rights. Your Blanchard Law criminal lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI will make you aware of the hurdles you face and advise you every step of the way.

Our Relationships

The offices of Blanchard Law are invested in, and respected by, the Grand Rapids community. We know how to get things done.

Over time a criminal lawyers in Grand Rapids, MI will have built up relationships with judges, court clerks, legislators, hospitals, law enforcement and expert witnesses. During your case, we will be able to lean on this vast network of resources. This chain of support has proven instrumental in the outcome of prior cases.

The relationships we develop with clients are equally as important.

Not only is our team well versed in Michigan state law and legal approaches, we also understand that right now you need a shoulder to lean on. We know this is a scary time and you’re facing a lot of unknowns. We’re here to put you at ease. We can be trusted to fight for your future.

Our Future Together

Blanchard Law is ready to explore the details of your case and provide immediate recommendations on how to move forward.

We know you may be considering taking on a public defender. These offices may not be as nimble to manage the nuances of your case. Public defenders are often given an unreasonable caseload and may have fewer resources to lean on.

If you’re thinking of representing yourself, we urge you to take a close look at realistic outcomes of your case. If you are facing a minor traffic violation, you may not need representation. But if your charges carry jail time, then don’t go it alone. You need to work with someone who already knows the law, inside and out. Keep in mind that jail time may not be the only serious consequence — you could be facing increased insurance rates, loss of a professional license or a more severe punishment for a second conviction. These are all things an experienced Grand Rapids, MI criminal defense attorney can navigate through and advise on.

Don’t gamble on your criminal case. Hire the professional you deserve. Give Blanchard Law a call today. With a free consultation from a criminal lawyers Grand Rapids, MI trusts, you have nothing to lose.