Criminal Lawyer Grand Rapids, MI 

Criminal Lawyer Grand Rapids, MI

Have you recently been charged with a crime? Are you feeling worried and overwhelmed about what the future may hold? Does the thought of spending possible time in jail leave you with many questions around what you should go next? Let the criminal lawyers at Blanchard Law be your guide and put your mind at ease. With extensive legal experience representing clients in criminal cases, we are all too familiar with the feelings of fear and dread that you may be harboring.  Get your life back on track by calling our law offices today.

Criminal Lawyer in Michigan Assault and Battery Against a Police Officer in Michigan

Assault and battery against a police officer refers to causing injury, or threatening to cause injury (in some states) to a law enforcement official. It is a very serious crime that often results in harsh penalties. Realistically you should retain a criminal lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI to help you fight these charges. Without doing so, you might face repercussions that change your life forever.

Assault or Battery?

Depending on how the state you have been charged in uses these two terms could depend on their official meaning. Traditionally:

    • – Battery occurs when a person causes injury to another person.
  • – Assault occurs when a person threatened or attempted to cause injury to another person.

Some states view each as seperate forms of crimes, or refer to one term as meaning the injury or attempted injury.

Assault and Battery Against a Police Officer

Some states have created their own laws for assault and battery against a police officer and a criminal lawyer for Grand Rapids, MI will know best what rules apply in your case. When these exist, it is considered to be a stand alone crime known as “assault/battery against a police officer”.In states that do not have separate laws, the prosecutor may charge the general assault and battery charge, but seek a harsher penalty.

Proving Assault and Battery Against a Police Officer

To convict a person who has been charged with assault and battery against a police officer, a prosecutor will need to prove that the defendant:

    • – Caused injury or in some cases attempted or threatened injury
    • – The injured person was a police officer
    • – The police officer was on duty
  • – The defendant knew, or had reason to know, that the injured person was a police officer

In general, these cases are not difficult to prove. Furthermore, the court tends to not look to kindly on someone who has injured a law enforcement official. This is why it is so important to have a criminal lawyer for Grand Rapids, MI on your side.

Who is Considered to be A Police Officer

Most states define a police officer as being any of the following:

    • – Police officer
    • – University police
    • – In transit police
    • – Sheriffs
  • – Correctional officers

In some states wildlife and fishery employees, building inspectors, state and national park workers, and other people who enforce rules can also be considered a type of police officer.

Consequences of Assault and Battery Against a Police Officer

The punishment for assault and battery against a police officer varies by state and the circumstances of the crime, which is why it’s important to know a good Grand Rapids, MI criminal lawyer. Some penalties that might be expected include:

    • – Jail or prison time
    • – Probation
    • – A permanent criminal record
    • – Restitution
    • – Thousands of dollars in fines
  • – Loss of a professional license

In this type of case, a misdemeanor may be punishable by 1 year in jail, and a felony by a minimum of 1 year in prison. If the police officer was seriously injured or died, the defendant could be sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Get Legal Advice from a Criminal Lawyer

Assault and battery is serious, but when the injured victim is a police officer, it becomes a major crime that could have monumental consequences. You should not pursue your case without a private criminal defense lawyer. In doing so you might expect to receive the maximum penalties. A criminal lawyer for Grand Rapids, MI can help you to navigate the legal system and get you the best possible outcome to this situation, so call Blanchard Law today!

Avoid a Public Defender

Don’t be fooled into believing that a court-appointed lawyer would be able to provide you with the same results you would receive from a private law firm like Blanchard Law. Retaining the services of a criminal lawyer from Blanchard Law will give you peace of mind in knowing that your case is being handled by the best. Taking the risk of allowing a public defender to represent you could have a disastrous impact on the outcome of your case. By going with a public defender you risk:

    • – Being committed to a plea deal before all the information has been gathered about your case.
    • – Your case not being given the attention that is required for a successful outcome.
    • – Not being able to communicate with your public defender due to high caseloads.
  • – Being assigned a criminal lawyer that does not have the experience your case requires.

Don’t set yourself up for a conviction by enlisting the help of a public defender. The investment of retaining the representation of Blanchard Law can ensure that you are in the hands of a firm that Grand Rapids, MI trust. Enlisting our services will give you comfort in knowing that a team of people will be investigating your case, talking with witnesses, and providing you with support.

Can We Get You Off the Hook?

Whether or not we can argue a case that ultimately gets your case dismissed or a not guilty finding is likely the biggest question weighing on your mind. The answer to this varies depending on the details of your case. With our knowledge and experience, we will diligently work to put together a solid defense. We will put as much time as necessary into studying your case, investigating the alleged event in question, and strategizing a defense that may provide you with a positive outcome.

Here at Blanchard Law, we know that one of the most challenging and stressful times in a person’s life is to be charged with a crime. Our dedicated team of legal professionals will build a trusting relationship with you based on communication and honesty. We are committed to your future and protecting you from the criminal system. Call our office today to set up a free consultation with a dedicated criminal lawyer Grand Rapids, MI residents trust.

The Potential Consequences for a DUI Conviction

It probably goes without saying that being arrested for a DUI is not fun for anyone. The experience can be terrifying, as the driver may try to imagine all the possible consequences if convicted of this driving crime. Once in handcuffs, the driver rides in the back of the cop car to the local police station or jail for booking. The driver is then photographed, fingerprinted and then must either wait until they sober up before being released, or have someone bail them out and offer a ride home.

Anyone who has been arrested for a DUI, should take this charge very seriously. The repercussions for such an offense can be steep, as judges are not likely to let a person walk away without facing some sort of punishment. It may even be a good idea to consult with a criminal lawyer in Grand Rapids, Michigan who is familiar with criminal defense cases, to protect you against inappropriately harsh punishments.

How much may I have to pay in fines for the DUI?

The amount you must pay in fines for the arrest, can depend on whether property was damaged or someone was hurt because of driving while under the influence. In many states, the driver will have to pay fines, in addition to the costs associated with court fees for his or her case.

Will I have to go to jail because of the conviction?

More and more states are making it mandatory for even first-time offenders to serve a couple days behind bars. Those who are repeat offenders are likely to face much longer jail sentences than simply a weekend. The time a driver has to spend behind bars depends on whether there were aggravating circumstances associated with the DUI arrest.

Is it possible to serve probation instead?

If the driver does not go to jail, then he or she is probably going to be given a probation sentence instead. If the driver then violates terms of the probation, not only can this irritate the judge who awarded a lesser punishment, but the driver may then have to face a significant period of time behind bars. The best way to retain some level of freedom is to abide by the rules of the probation. A trusted criminal lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI, like the team at Blanchard Law, can advise you on the best actions to take.

The team at Blanchard Law is ready to assess your case for free. When you need a criminal lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI, look no further than Blanchard Law. Call us today.