DUI Trial Attorneys in Michigan


Being arrested and charged with a DUI offense can be frightening and overwhelming. With everything happening so quickly, you may find yourself confused or wondering what is going to happen. At Blanchard Law, our Grand Rapids DUI lawyers are committed to ensuring you know how your trial works and understand what is happening with your case.

There are a few main aspects of a DUI trial:

  • Use of expert witnesses: Most prosecutors will call for an expert witness who is highly educated on Breathalyzer and field sobriety tests. If your DUI involves drugs, this may involve bringing in an expert in that area. This testimony is often a key component to DUI cases.
  • Observer witnesses: Observer witnesses can either be extremely damaging or helpful, depending on what they saw. In some cases, they can be brought to your defense and convince the jury that you are innocent, such as if they saw the illegal or improper behavior of law enforcement.
  • Motions to strike a prior: If you admit that you are guilty to prior convictions during your trial, you may end up with much more severe penalties. Instead, denying prior charges or filing a motion to strike a prior keeps those charges from being used as evidence in your current trial.
  • Motions to suppress evidence: Certain types of evidence may have been gathered against you improperly or even in an illegal fashion. Our Grand Rapids DUI lawyers may be able to illustrate that this evidence should not be a part of your trial, filing a motion to suppress it from your case.
  • Your testimony: You are given an opportunity to speak on your own behalf, but it is essential that you are fully prepared and represented. During your testimony, the prosecutor may attempt to slip you up and you will be under scrutiny.


We understand how stressful it can be to face a DUI offense, especially if the charges against you are severe due to a prior conviction. You could be facing serious criminal and civil penalties if you are convicted, from jail time to the loss of your license. Having aggressive and caring legal representation on your side is essential. Our firm is dedicated to reviewing and investigating your case thoroughly to put together a strong legal defense.

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