Did You Fail a Field Sobriety Test?


Field sobriety tests are administered to allow law enforcement to use their best judgment to determine if you are driving under the influence or if you are sober. These tests are extremely subjective, which makes it difficult to say if an arresting officer was correct in his or her determination. However, courts often accept the results of field sobriety testing as a form of evidence in DUI testing. At Blanchard Law, we work with our clients to avoid DUI convictions.

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The main types of field sobriety tests you may be asked to fulfill include:

  • Walk and turn: You will be asked to take toe to heel steps in a straight line, turn around, and take steps back. During this time, you will be expected to take direction and see if you can balance well.
  • One leg stand: You will be asked to keep your heels together and hold your arms to your sides while you lift a foot off the ground and count. You will also be expected to keep your balance during this test.
  • Horizontal gaze nystagmus: You will have some type of object held in front of your eyes as the officer moves it back and forth and watches the way your eyeballs move.


As you can see, the problem with these tests is that they are not only subjective but reliant on balance. A person who is stone cold sober may fail these tests due to having poor balance. Fortunately, our experienced Grand Rapids DUI attorneys can work with you to argue the results of the field sobriety testing and in some cases, even get the results thrown out of your case.


Having legal representation present after an arrest is essential, especially when it comes to tests being administered which could be used against you. In fact, Attorney Joshua Blanchard is certified to administer Standardized Field Sobriety Tests pursuant to the National Highway Safety Administration Protocol. He is also one of the few attorneys in Michigan to have hands-on training with the Datamaster DMT evidential breath testing device.

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