Criminal Appeal Lawyer Grand Rapids, Michigan Criminal Appeal Lawyer Grand Rapids, Michigan

If you have been convicted of a criminal charge in Michigan, and believe the decision was not rendered in your favor, it is your right to talk with a criminal appeal lawyer Grand Rapids, Michigan has to offer. Blanchard Law can represent you in court so as to ensure your criminal appeal is sound, rational, and adhere to the laws of the state. Regardless of the scope and kind of appeal you would like to file, it is advisable to have a Grand Rapids, Michigan criminal appeal lawyer at your side. 

Whether you feel as if you have been wrongfully accused or that justice has not been carried out correctly, call Blanchard Law for a consultation. With our criminal appeals lawyers in Grand Rapids, MI, you can expect a level of fierce, tenacious determination and attention to your well being. From the moment you contact us, you can feel confident in knowing we have the necessary experience, knowledge, and perseverance your case needs. No appeal is too large or small. We have successfully overturned previous rulings and appealed cases involving all kinds of charges including:

  1. Assault and Battery Appeals
  2. Drug Appeals
  3. Fraud Appeals
  4. Medical Marijuana Appeals
  5. Marijuana Appeals
  6. Securities Fraud Appeals
  7. RICO
  8. Homicide Appeals
  9. Domestic Violence Appeals
  10. Weapons and Firearms Appeals
  11. Pardon and Clemency

+ More

When it comes to criminal convictions, you should know that hardly anything can be considered “final”. With the right criminal appeal lawyer in Grand Rapids, Michigan on your side, it may be possible to receive a new verdict of not guilty, or a reduction in sentencing. 

The Michigan appeals process involves many challenges and strict deadlines. A lawyer may be able to guide you through the process, and help you to understand what is expected of you. In general, the appeals process will take several months for all of the briefs to be filed. Afterwhich, it may take 3 months to two years for the Court of Appeals to make a decision. 

Grounds for an Appeal

There are many different reasons to file an appeal. The evidence from your case will not be considered by the appellate court. What this means, the appeals court doesn’t second guess the jury’s decision to believe, for example, that a witness was telling the truth. This is true even when it is rather obvious that the witness lied. What the appellate court wants to see is legal errors or misconduct that resulted in an unfair legal or trial process. As a criminal defense lawyer Grand Rapids, Michigan respects, locating these errors is not always straightforward. Often, it takes due diligence to identify and prove them. Most errors are unintentional; however, the impact can be devastating. Examples of errors include, but are certainly not limited to:

-The prosecution excluded important evidence

-Evidence that should not have been presented was included

-The jury received conflicting, confusing, or wrong instructions

-There was misconduct made on the part of the prosecutor or juror

-The sentence was not appropriate for the crime

-The defendant’s constitutional rights were violated

If you believe you have the right to appeal your conviction, or perhaps are unsure, but ready to see what your options may be, call a criminal appeal lawyer in Grand Rapids, Michigan today.