Criminal Defense Lawyer Grand Rapids, MI

Criminal Defense Lawyer Grand Rapids, MI

A person who finds themselves in trouble may need the kind of help that a criminal defense lawyer Grand Rapids, MI can provide. Whether it’s your first time in trouble or you’ve been through it before, navigating through the criminal process can be a difficult and scary process.

When do you need a criminal defense lawyer?


Maybe you’ve received a call or a visit from a police officer. Or maybe you are aware that you will be accused of something and you are concerned that charges may result. Whatever the situation, you should consider getting a criminal defense lawyer involved before you are formally charged.

A criminal defense lawyer in Grand Rapids MI can help during the pre-charging investigation stage. A lawyer can inform the police that you are represented by counsel and that you do not wish to make any statements without an attorney present. A lawyer may be able to get reports or information about what you are being investigated for. A lawyer can take steps to avoid charges against you or mitigate the potential charges. It is a good idea to hire an attorney if you are being investigated before you make any statements to the police.


Perhaps you’ve learned there is a warrant out for your arrest and you don’t know what the next steps are. If there is a warrant out for your arrest, it is a good idea to have an attorney. Turning yourself in may just mean going in front of the magistrate or judge and then getting fingerprinted, or it may mean being booked in the jail.

An attorney can help you navigate the process. The attorney may be able to tell you what your bond is or provide a general idea of what a likely bond may be so you can be prepared to post it. The attorney will be able to inform you about what the next steps will be and ease the inevitable anxiousness about the criminal process.


In some cases, you may have already been arrested. For instance, if the officer witnessed the event, or came to the scene shortly after the event and effectuated a warrantless arrest, or there was a warrant out for your arrest that you were unaware of or did not turn yourself in on. Regardless of what category you fit in, you will want an attorney to assist you.

At some point after your arrest you will have your first appearance in front of a judge. Sometimes this occurs very soon after arrest, and sometimes the court provides a date to come back for your first court date. Either way, to the extent that it is achievable, it is important to have an attorney at the initial appearance, called the arraignment. An attorney can argue for a bond and can guide you when you appear in front of the judge.


Obviously, having an attorney at every stage of the criminal prosecution is important. Depending on whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony, you will have a variety of court appearances, including a pretrial, probable cause conference, preliminary examination, status conference, trial, sentencing, and more. Having an attorney throughout the process is helpful in achieving the best result.

Whether you’re being investigated, there is a warrant out for your arrest, you’ve been arrested, or you are currently facing prosecution, you will want a criminal defense lawyer on your side.

Can a criminal charge get dismissed?

A criminal defense lawyer Grand Rapids, MI residents trust might tell you that criminal charges against a defendant are dismissed more often than many people realize. At Blanchard Law, when we represent clients our criminal defense lawyer examines each case closely to determine the best legal strategy that will benefit a positive outcome. This may include petitioning the court to dismiss the charges and working with prosecutors toward this end.

If you were charged with a criminal offense, contact our dedicated criminal defense lawyer from our Grand Rapids, MI firm without delay. Most people do not qualify for free legal representation from a public defender, though public defenders often do not have the resources to vigorously defend their clients. They are often overworked and short staffed. You can feel confident that a criminal defense lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI from Blanchard Law will use every available method to secure your freedom. Call us to request a free consultation with our skilled criminal defense lawyer who has helped many clients in the Grand Rapids, MI area.

Here are several of the most common scenarios in which a defendant’s criminal charges might be dismissed:

  1. Your criminal defense lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI provides clear and definite information that the case against you will not hold up in court. Depending on the circumstances of your case, that might be because you have a solid and provable alibi during the time the crime was committed. Another possibility is that the alleged victim comes forth and admits that no crime actually took place.
  2. Your Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer determines that your civil rights were violated during the legal process. If the police violated your Fourth Amendment rights by performing and unlawful search or seizure, this might be sufficient cause for getting your criminal charge dismissed. If the arresting officer did not inform you of your right to remain silent, this might also be sufficient grounds for a dismissal. Only after learning of the details of your case can your criminal defense lawyer determine if your rights were violated.
  3. Your criminal defense lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI, or the prosecutor, determines that the witnesses who were scheduled to testify against you are not credible or else recount their pre-trial testimony. Rather than proceed to trial, the prosecutor may opt to dismiss your criminal charge.

If your charges are not altogether dismissed, your criminal defense lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor to secure a plea bargain on your behalf. If your initial criminal charge is reduced to a significantly lesser charge, it may result in time served and offer additional benefits. It is impossible to anticipate the potential outcome without your criminal defense lawyer first reviewing the details of your case. If you call us at Blanchard Law without delay, you can schedule a no-cost consultation with the criminal defense lawyer Grand Rapids, MI citizens turn to when they want to protect their legal rights.

No matter what stage you are in the process, contact the criminal defense lawyer Grand Rapids, MI trusts and respects. Call Blanchard Law at 616-773-2945 to speak with an attorney about your case.