Blanchard Law’s Criminal Defense Philosophy

At Blanchard Law, our Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyers aggressively fights for the rights of those who have been accused of a wide range of offenses. We have worked to obtain the best possible outcome for many difference types of cases, such as driving while impaired, possession of marijuana, minor in possession of alcohol or drugs, resisting arrest, domestic violence, child abuse and sex offenses, for clients across the state. Our Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney combines a strong understanding of the legal system with the ability to handle your case and the empathy to support you during this difficult time.

Our Philosophy on Plea Bargains

We can reach a plea agreement in many criminal cases depending on your individual circumstances. The government realizes that an overcrowded court system means they aren’t always able to take a case to jury trial. When you retain our Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney, we will discuss any plea agreement offers with you and help you decide if it’s in your best interest to sign one. However, we won’t pressure you into signing a plea if you didn’t commit the crime.

Recommendations on Talking to Law Enforcement Officers

We counsel our clients to not discuss anything with the police. Our experience has shown us that people can be charged based on statements they inadvertently made to the authorities. On the other hand, the police might not be able to prove their case without a statement. They are looking for reasons to charge you and will do what they can to prove your guilt. They will interrogate and question you in order to find additional evidence to win a conviction against you, and they do not necessarily need to be forthright in their conversations with you. They might attempt to take your statements out of context in order to strengthen their case as they seek a conviction. A Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer can represent you if you need to talk to the police.

For help with your criminal case, contact our Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer today at (616) 773-2945. Blanchard Law will walk beside you through the court process and protect your rights.

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