A Homicide Lawyer Grand Rapids, MI Residents Choose

Homicide Lawyer Grand Rapids, MIYou may never have expected that one day you would be charged with homicide and need the services of a homicide lawyer defending Grand Rapids, MI. For this reason, coupled with the circumstances of what happened, you may be overwhelmed with fear and other emotions. Making important decisions during this difficult time may be asking too much of yourself, in particular when it comes to protecting your legal rights. As a homicide lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI might tell you, the judicial system is rarely compassionate toward those who have been charged with willfully and intentionally killing another person. This is true whether or not the accused actually committed the crime. Those you interact with behind bars will also not likely be a source of support. Your best interests and legal rights can be supported and protected by a homicide lawyer at Blanchard Law in Grand Rapids, MI.

Public Defenders Versus a Respected Homicide Defense Lawyer in Michigan

Many people understand that if they cannot afford to hire a lawyer to represent them, then the Court will provide them with a public defender. However, what many do not understand is that most people do not qualify for a public defender because their income is over a certain amount. If you were hoping to get a free lawyer, you might be disappointed if you are told that you must hire a homicide defense lawyer. Consider this: the average public defender is overworked and provided with little to no resources to research and build a client’s defense case. In fact, it’s not unusual for a public defender to appear at a client’s first hearing and not even know their client’s name much less any details about their case. For them to develop a solid defense strategy for each of their clients may be an unrealistic expectation. At Blanchard Law, we purposely maintain a caseload that is manageable for each of our attorneys so that we can provide our clients with the focus they deserve. If you or a loved one was charged with homicide, talk to our homicide lawyer for Grand Rapids, MI during a free consultation to learn if we can help you.

Examining the Evidence

In hiring our homicide defense lawyer at Blanchard Law, you can feel confident that every aspect of your case will be closely reviewed. This includes the circumstances and events surrounding the homicide for which you were charged. For you to be convicted, there must not be reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors that you committed the crime. Some of the aspects of your case that might be questioned by your Grand Rapids, MI homicide lawyer might include any of the following:

  • Questioning the witnesses in what are referred to as depositions. A deposition is a recorded interview who responds to questions while under an oath to tell the truth. Anything they say can be used in court.
  • Independent testing of evidence such as ballistics, blood, and fingerprints found at the scene of the crime.
  • Establishing the timeline of events leading up to the crime and who may have been present.

Protect Yourself if Charged with Homicide

If you were charged with murder, contact Blanchard Law without delay to speak with an experienced homicide lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI who can review your case at no charge.