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Lawyers who are experienced in taking homicide cases to trial in Grand Rapids, Michigan know the importance of hiring experts to assist in preparing to defend your case. In homicide cases, there are a variety of experts that may be necessary in order to prevail. The following are some of the experts your lawyer may need to consult with and/or hire to testify on your behalf:

DNA expert

Many homicide cases now involve the use of DNA evidence. With rapidly changing science in the field of DNA, it is incredibly important that your Grand Rapids, MI attorney be well-versed in this area. Many of the new tests performed by agencies like the Michigan State Police are not scientifically reliable, and it will be necessary to hire an experienced DNA expert to refute the government’s evidence.

Toxicology expert

Many autopsy reports contain toxicology results for the decedent in a homicide case. Especially in cases of self-defense or cases where there is an alternate explanation for the death, the toxicology results can be critical. It is important to have an expert help to interpret the results of any toxicology report contained in the discovery materials for the case.

Weapons expert

If the homicide involves the use of a weapon, particularly a gun, it may be necessary to consult with a weapons expert. This may include a tool-mark expert to identify whether a particular gun was used in a shooting, or to refute the government’s claim that a particular gun was used.

Forensic pathologist

If the manner of death is at issue, it may be important for your Grand Rapids, MI homicide lawyer to consult with an independent forensic pathologist. The government will rely on the pathologist who performed the autopsy, who is contracted and paid for by the county for whom they work. It is important to allow your own expert to review the evidence and results of the autopsy, as independent experts can often disagree with the results claimed by the government.

Use of Force expert

Particularly in self-defense cases, it can be helpful to engage a use of force expert for consultation and testimony. A use of force expert can discuss reasonable responses to acts of aggression from the decedent in a homicide case. Typically, a use of force expert is a police officer or former police officer who is trained in self-defense.

Psychiatric or Psychological expert

In some cases, competency to stand trial or insanity is at issue for the accused. In cases where that is an issue, it is critical that the defense retain a psychiatric expert immediately and have an independent evaluation completed. Otherwise, there is a risk that critical evidence will be lost.

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