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Charged with a drug crime? You need a strong lawyer on your side.

While the legal status of some drugs (like marijuana) has changed in many states, the same cannot be said for others. Most drugs remain illegal, and possession, sale and/or manufacture of those drugs remain serious criminal offenses. If convicted of a drug offense, you may not only face steep fines and the risk of imprisonment, your criminal record will impact your life for the rest of your live. 

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime, please don’t entrust your case to just any lawyer. You need an experienced, aggressive and strategic Grand Rapids, Michigan drug crime lawyer fighting for your rights and protecting your freedom. Why? The laws related to drug offenses are complex and the defense strategies a lawyer crafts to successfully represent an alleged offender must be informed by experience in this area of the law. The attorneys at Blanchard Law have the kind of experience you’ll want to benefit from now that you’re facing drug charges. 

The government has vast resources and prosecutors are powerful

In any criminal matter, your legal opponent is the government itself (state or federal). These entities have a lot of money and manpower to bring charges and secure successful prosecutions. Moreover, prosecutors are given a lot of authority over how crimes are charged and the length of potential sentences they seek against alleged offenders. As such, they can often strong-arm defendants into a plea deal with the threat of especially harsh consequences if the defendant chooses to take the case to trial (and loses).

You need a Grand Rapids, MI drug crime lawyer who isn’t afraid to take on the government in order to protect your rights. Prosecutors may have a lot of power, but an experienced legal advocate on your side can really level the playing field.

Evidence and police procedure can and should be questioned

In any drug crimes case, evidence is critical. How that evidence was obtained and how it is handled are both crucial in determining whether it can be used against you in court. A smart Grand Rapids, MI drug crime lawyer will investigate whether the police had a valid warrant or probable cause to conduct a search. If not, the evidence may be suppressed, meaning it can’t be used against you.

You need a negotiator and a fighter

Most legal cases (criminal and civil) settle out of court before trial. The majority of criminal cases are resolved through a plea deal with prosecutors. Depending on the facts of your drug case and your ultimate goals, a plea deal may be the smartest option. But you should never make that determination without the advice and input of an experienced Grand Rapids, MI drug crime lawyer. And if a plea deal is appropriate, you’ll want an attorney with strong negotiation skills to get you the best possible terms under the circumstances.

If the prosecution offers a blatantly unfair plea deal, going to trial may be your best option, in which case you’ll need an attorney with confidence, knowledge and experience in the courtroom. The best criminal defense attorneys are equally effective at the negotiating table and in front of a judge/jury.

Learn more about your rights and options

Facing drug charges can be scary, but you may have more options than you realize. With the help of a good Grand Rapids, MI drug crime lawyer, you may be able to successfully fight your charges or otherwise resolve them in the most favorable manner available. 

Drug Crimes Involving Possession

When you think of someone being arrested for drug possession, you may think of a situation where the police stop the person, and after searching him, find illegal drugs. In these cases, the person’s possession of the drugs seems straightforward. But confusing situations occur when police do not find the drugs on the actual person and still are able to charge them with possession of a controlled substance.

The skilled team at Blanchard Law is ready to work with you on your case. As a drug crime lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI, Blanchard Law has helped defend many accused residents and put their lives back on track.


In Michigan, it is illegal to be in possession of a controlled substance unless you have a valid prescription. When you are arrested and charged with possession, one of the things the prosecution has to prove is that you were in possession of the drugs.

As a drug crime lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI, the professional team at Blanchard Law is well versed in drug laws. Drug laws typically define possession as having physical possession or otherwise exercising dominion or control over tangible property – in this case drugs. This definition can be broken down into actual and constructive possession.

Actual versus Constructive Possession

Actual possession means actually having direct or physical control of the controlled substance; for example, on your body. Constructive possession is defined as having the drugs in a place that is under your dominion and control; that is, indirect possession.

Dominion and control as used to define constructive possession in this context are legal terms, and how these terms apply to your situation would be determined by the judge in your case. For example, if drugs are found in your apartment, and you are the only one on the lease, the judge may decide that you have dominion and control of the apartment. This is true if drugs are found in a car that you are driving and have had for a period of time. However, this is a presumption that your attorney can argue and present evidence against.

If you have roommates or long-term guests staying with you, then it is not reasonable to conclude from the lease alone that only you have dominion and control of the apartment, especially if the drugs are found in common areas of the apartment to which all members of the household have access. This is a non exclusive possession situation, where the other people could also have been in control and dominion of the premises.

In the shared apartment context, there must be other evidence tying you to the drugs found. It is generally not enough that you were there alone at the time the drugs were found; there has to be a better link between you and the drugs.

In addition to proving that you possessed a controlled substance, the state has to prove that you knowingly possessed the drugs. Without direct evidence, the prosecution can rely on circumstantial evidence, and this could include something you claim when you are arrested. It is therefore important to remain silent when arrested so as not to give the prosecution evidence against you.

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