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If you have been convicted of a relatively minor criminal offense and violated your probation, then we advise talking with a criminal lawyer Stanton, MI residents trust at Blanchard Law as soon as possible. Probation is often the preferred course for punishment, as most people want to avoid spending time behind bars. But, probation is not the same as complete freedom. There are usually several conditions that the person is supposed to abide by, and if they don’t, then more repercussions may follow. 

Unfortunately, not everyone realizes just how serious a probation violation can be. A criminal lawyer Stanton, MI residents depend on doesn’t take these cases lightly, and will help you at probation hearings to properly defend you. If you do not hire an experienced attorney to represent you during a hearing about your violation, the resulting consequences can be devastating.

Probation Violations

Depending on the conditions of your probation and how you breached them, we will recommend a defense in hopes of preventing you from facing the very worst consequences. It is important that you are forthcoming to a criminal lawyer Stanton, MI clients can confide in about the nature of your conviction. We are not here to judge you, it is our job to protect you. Some examples of probation violations that may or may not apply to you include:

  1. Being in possession of unlawful drugs or weapons
  2. Not paying fines or compensation to another party as part of your court-order
  3. Failing to finish court-ordered community service hours
  4. Not appearing for your scheduled court check-ins
  5. Failing to report to meetings with your probation officer
  6. Traveling outside the bounds of your probation area
  7. Associating with people that were barred in the terms of your probation
  8. Breaking the law
  9. Not updating your contact information or employment details with your probation officer
  10. Getting arrested

It isn’t uncommon for the probation officer to be the one who reported someone for violating their probation. However, there is always a possibility that there was a miscommunication or oversight that occurred, and you didn’t actually violate your probation. But, a criminal lawyer Stanton, MI residents can depend on also understands that as humans we are imperfect. So, in order to protect you to the fullest extent we need to know the truth about the breach in your probation terms. Some probation officers can become callous and indifferent to their job, meaning that people who are trying to abide by their probation may suffer. If this is the case for you, please notify us immediately.

Getting Help Now

If you violated your probation, or were accused of doing so, then now is the time to get assistance. If you hesitate, then there is less time for your attorney to build a case in your defense. This is especially true if the probation violation was serious. No matter what you are going through, there are legal professionals who can help. Don’t hesitate to contact a criminal lawyer Stanton, MI clients trust at Blanchard Law for prompt, and experienced legal support.