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If you are facing sex crime charges, it is important that you understand the types of evidence which can be gathered and used against you. In the past, before technology advanced, DNA evidence was not reliable in making an arrest or conviction. Thanks to advances in medical technology, DNA evidence is now used in conjunction with witness testimony and other factors to secure a conviction. However, DNA can also be used to help you get out of criminal charges by proving your innocence.

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DNA is present all over your body, from your saliva and sweat to your blood and bodily fluids. It can also be collected from your hair or body tissue residue. If you are suspected to have committed a sex crime, one of the first things you will likely be asked by law enforcement is to submit to a DNA test.

While they work to collect DNA evidence from the crime scene and alleged victim, they will try to match this sample to your DNA. Although many people will argue that DNA science is perfect and scientific, this is often not the case. In order to be used to reach a conviction, DNA must be collected properly and delivered and handled in a way that follows the strict chain of custody. All parties must be able to prove that it was never out of their sight to show that it could not have been mishandled or misplaced.

DNA testing can be used to reach a conviction in many types of cases, including:


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Whenever possible, we work to use DNA evidence to your advantage and prove that DNA testing must be precise. Samples can easily be contaminated and no longer be reliable to reach a conviction. If any step was skipped in the chain of custody, we may be able to use this to your advantage.

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